WTF nog een LAN!?09/01/2008
By: THIRSK^ - Comments (2)

Ja hoor, je gelooft het niet! Maar er zit weer een clan3 lan aan te komen... En er komen meer mensen dan ooit. Dus als jij dit leest en denkt: 'JAHAA, ik wil ook naar die vette lan met progamers!!' dan pis je snoeihard naast de pot, want het zit 216% VOL=VOL!!1 De lan vindt plaats op 18,19 en 20 januari...uit mijn hoofd (en ik ga het niet nachecken) Dus je kunt er weer op rekenen dat je idolen in ieder geval voor 3 dagen zullen gamen dit jaar! Check je laters! Homies 4 Life... X Jurry

Clan 3 MaxiLan in aantocht!23/02/2007
By: THIRSK^ - Comments (3)

30, 31 maart en 1 april zullen onze meiden weer een bootcamp houden. Dit keer zal het in Nederland plaatsvinden! Helaas voor de geinteresseerde lezers, die te weinig contact hebben met clan3'ers, heb ik slecht nieuws. Deze lan zal namelijk op een geheime locatie gehouden worden in Eemnes op Bramenberg 18b. Jammer joh! Alle grote namen zullen aanwezig zijn en we hebben er allen REUZE ZIN AN! LET THE COUNTDOWN BEGIN!!!!!!!@

Chainen macht wieder frei \014/11/2006
By: THIRSK^ - Comments (11)

Hey mensen ik kreeg zo fkin veel e-mailtjes van fans wanneer we weer actief gaan gamen. We worden namelijk erg gemist in da ScEnE^, want wij waren vroeger altijd zo goed met de chaingun. Daarom heeft 1 of andere malloot van clan3 ons ingeschreven voor een cup waar ik zelf ook verbaasd over ben! Voor welke cup is nog een geheim, want dat kreeg ik niet in het mailtje van clanbase ...spanned, spannend, spannend dus voor onze fans! Ik kan alvast meededelen dat ik actief mee zal doen en iedereen knoepertje hard neer zal chainen. MAZZEL HOMIES FOR LIFE... Jurry

lanparty, sneakpeak18/08/2006
By: apC - Comments (0)

heres a little sneak preview for you guys :)

it's alive16/08/2006
By: apc - Comments (2)

look what i found!

By: frisb - Comments (0)

Guess what... We're doing nothing! (not planning on going to either)

Chainen macht frei15/01/2004
By: fragile - Comments (1)

We just got back from the Nevada desert in the US of A. Our team was thirsk, armin, tforce
frisb (who came a little bit late because he didn't had an authorization pass) and me. Another cool or maybe a weird thing was that rAs was again online, he coached us the whole thing.

Well, because it was in Nevada this time, the place was a little bit hot (too hot for me actually)
Next time we are going back to france/china or someplace where it is nice and relaxt.

Yes, you read it right guys, we are coming back for the next cupevent. We've got sponsors from
Whiskas, Pedigree, Coca Cola, Nescafe and Toys 'R Us.

that's right, free animal food, drinks which can we stay awake for a whole month (yes, important for
our 5 hours duel training a day) and toys to relaxt a little, Who walks downstairs, walking in pairs, everybody
knows it's slinky! Too bad we couldn't get The Twinkee Food Company as a sponsor.

So now you know the future planning of clan 3. The whole team is coming back too, apC, the dokter.
We can do our intens 19 hours of 4on4 training again!

This is it about clan 3, see us owning the 1st div cup! Later.

we won that ve cup game thingy...

Final tonight01/01/2004
By: frisb - Comments (1)

Hi, tonight we'll play the final of the Q2DM Cup. For this event we will move our asses to a special secret place in the Nevada desert in the US. This area has been codenamed Area 51, and we will try our utmost best to win the special "2" logo behind our clanname on ClanBase. Our match against xTz proved us that we are capable of executing miracles, so I guess we'll just do the same tonight. Wish us luck!

Oh, and a happy new year everyone!

clan 3's goal reached!19/12/2003
By: fragile - Comments (3)

5 years of training, 5 hours of dueltraining everyday, we forgot our friends, family, lovers and even the need to eat!

clan 3 went to a special bootcamp in china. There we trained for 9 weeks just for this special game against xtz!

Well it paid off man, we manage to beat xtz in a glorious 3-2!

Also, we have taken some photos of the special bootcamp training and recorded all of our practice matches. You have to be a member of our special "clan 3 insider". With only 39,95 euros a month you can be a special member and you have access to demos, photos, t-shirts, autographs and much more! So don't hesitate and sign in!

frisb is adding the matchreport of xtz soon, be prepared, its going to be a killer cause we owned them hard with our 5 hours duel training a day!

Over and Out

Victory over Q05/11/2003
By: fragile - Comments (3)

That's right people, we defeated our hardest opponent of the EQ2L. For this special event, THIRSK, tforce, frisb, the dokter and me lanned up in france we're we could get a 1 gig internet line.

THIRSK, tforce, frisb and the dokter played the game, I was the coach and man it was tuff!

We also had to bring special chairs because the one of the internet cafe which we're sponsoring us didn't had really comfortable chairs.

After the victory we celebrate it with some nice champagne with the cafe and after that we went out with some fans just like clan 187^, except we didn't had some weed, maybe we should bring Dino next time to france.

Anyway, expect a report of the game soon from frisb.

See you later all!

fragile [teamleader of nl team]

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